chocolate chip cookies lyrics – bill steele

chocolate chip cookies
(g) / c g / d7 g / c g / d7 g
they’re made out of sugar and b*tter and flour;
you put’em in the oven about a quarter hour,
but the thing that gives’em their magic power
is the chocolate chips inside.
chocolate chip cookies, i gotta have more,
you can bake’em in the oven, or buy’em at the store
but whatever you do have’em ready at the door
and i’ll love you till i die!
i can do without booze; i can do without pot;
i can do without nicotine, no thanks a lot!
but bring’em from the oven, nice and hot
and i’m a chocolate chip cookie fiend.
you can’t eat one; you can’t eat two;
once you start chewing, there’s nothing to do
but clean your plate, and eat the crumbs too,
then go and find some more.
if you want to make a friend,
you don’t need beauty or money to spend;
give’em all your love, but be sure you send
some chocolate chip cookies, too.
i knew a little woman, once upon a time:
ugly as sin and she didn’t have a dime;
i was just gonna leave her but she changed my mind;
she made those cookies for me.
i know another woman, pretty as a star,
had a lot of money and a big sports car,
but i had to leave her, that’s the way things are;
she couldn’t make cookies for me.
now when it comes to women, you must be wise;
sometimes you have to compomise;
i finally met a girl who was just my size,
so i made cookies for her.
now when i die, i don’t want wings,
a golden halo or a harp that sings
give me a book, a fire and someone who brings
chocolate chip cookies all day.
bill steele, copyright 1977 loose lid music
recorded by steele- chocolate chip cookies, swallowtail st-7
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