chinese freestyle lyrics – cky

who wants to taste my general tso?
you want a piece of my general tso?
i’m gonna give it to you now

who like my chopsticks?
hit you in the sh*t wit my little *ss d*ck.


if you wanna see me eat jello.
i never seen nothin like you before.

i can kick you.
higher than you can kick me.

i can kick you way up into a tree.

who wants a taste of my oolong tea?

ho ha ha ho ha hoo chi chi!

everybody in the phone book named chang.

wanna see my w*ng?
good, go hit the gong with a bang.


everybody wanna see me throw a fireball,
but thats not right.
not in real life.

you will fall
down and break your leg.
everybody wanna see me break a leg

well i dont!

but i like fried rice,
and i got lice.

ching chow woo ching w*ng woo wice!

that aint nice!

for a fortune cookie i always charge you twice.

delivery is free, but not from me!
i always charge a dollar fifty.

fifty five.

wanna see me go “gah!”?
hit you wit the light.


whoa! when i hit you with the sh*t,
do a split,
take a sh*t,
after you eat my sh*t.
kung fu.

want my buffet?
you f*cking gay!
ow, i’ll go hit you wit the hay
stay tha f*ck away!
hit you in the b*lls.
only americans eat duck sauce!

and my soy sauce is for you.
i can put it in your shoe.

watch this, i can tiptoe while you take a p*ss.
in my bathroom, spy on you, while your little boy sh*ts.


i can kick you if you don’t pay the bill.
and if you want a little mint, thats fifty cent!

everything costs a little bit!
so dont expect nothin for free!
at least from me.
ching chang chew-ey.

i got you, from taiwan city and hong kong.
i could smoke a bong, and i could do it all night long.
and dont mistake me for a viet kong.
i can get you,
and tackle you, spank you.
never see me when i get you and bag you.
rope you up,
and put you in a bamboo cage, and make you feel all my rage.

poke you wit a little stick till you page
your buddies to come napalm me.

god d*mn-that sh*t burn!
blew away my whole city.
ho chi min, shoot a load on your chin.

god d*mn!
as i said, going go to buy.
and if you wanna come on in,
you could walk into my world where the yellow sh*t begin.

ooy aw!

can’t be tamed!
i got a chance to control your brain and its called
egg foo young, and low mein
so come on in baby and have it just the same.



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