chasing bears and reading scriptures lyrics – i am the ocean

dear you (know who),
have you ever noticed how all the best flames in your
fires are always the ones you see when you’re not
well then i guess you should pay more attention…or is
it “less” (attention)
(but to get back to our subject)
did i fail to mention how i will sit still (at times)
and stir myself all up about you
just beat/break myself into believing “i don’t care!”.
i can’t care; could care, should care, but i don’t.
and, now, as much as you know how i’d like to; (well)
but i’m gonna say a thing.
(be)cause you just might be compelled to reciprocate
…and i don’t know if i wanna let myself(s) get/be
crushed like:
this and like that (repeat that sh*t, g).
(i guess i’m really getting to)
i just need to leave, knowing that when i left, i was
doing what i love and do best.

oh, and speaking of crushing and closure:
a well-writ list of (a) slit-wrist composer, created
a literary aspersion!
seven letters mathematically returned aversion.

sh*t, it’s all about priorities…

orderly, invited cordially, orally or in(g/j)est.
suppressed/de-pressed upon watermarked pages, etched in
colorless bandages and premade excuses.
(or) chiseled in the drizzled-rain-parched sand.
sideways, in a foreign hand.
i’m just choking on a steady diet of ecstasy
can you outshine this?
just tell me… am i that apparently overwhelmed?
distracted…i seem busy…i dunno…
either way i breathe, it still goes down the wrong

/ i am the ocean lyrics