champagne and wine lyrics – joan osborne

sitting’ here, thinking’
about the times i’ve been wrong
different men that i have known
of all those men that i have met
you’re the one man that i can’t forget

we had our time now
put in bed now
i can’t forget him and i sure ain’t gonna forget him, no
remember side street, where we used to meet
making love, n*body but you and me!

champagne and wine is what you’re gonna get
champagne and wine what it’s gonna be
just as long, boy, as you see about me
i’m gonna be knocking’ on your door
i want the same love that i had before

you’re a man now, full grown man
you got me eating from the tip of your hand
i don’t mind eating, long as you feed me
put love and put all sympathy

champagne and wine is what it’s gonns be
everyday it’s gonna be like someday
every night you’re gonna have stars up in the sky
oh, i’m giving you champagne and wine
i’m gonna give it to you all the time
oh, we, baby, champagne and wine
oh na na na naaa…

i really do love you baby,
i really do need you honey
i really do want you baby,
champagne and wine

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