chachi’s revenge lyrics – problem

[verse 1]
my baby mamas said i wasn’t sh*t, and at first i used to believe ’em
now they on my d*ck, ’cause a young n*gg* out here eatin’
every time i hop in my whip, i light one of my pre-rolls
that gettin’ gwap, i’m gucci, without the ice cream cone
sticking to that g-code, i take a shot then reload
i only f*ck with my street folk ’cause these rap n*gg*s too emo
forever on my grind, yeah, my five kids, they need clothes
pump bucking at fake f*cks ’cause like pimps they need holes
blaow! bloaw! oh my lord – my hoe and my chain gold
life be my b*tch and that hoe move when i say so
good in my ‘hood, yeah, i play the block like lego
real goons on my payroll – i save money, you save hoes
mountain high, i range rove, to the top on you n*gg*s
if this was ’09 i would’ve been socking on n*gg*s
f*ck that, rather profit on n*gg*s – toe tag every beat louis give me
oh yeah i’m a problem, oh mama, no condoms
we’re yelling out “f*ck all you p*ss*es”

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