ceremony of shiva lyrics – behemoth

avatars of powers from four worlds
bathed me in jewels of belief
i drink the nectar of goddess – my eternal mistress
i am shiva, hadit or beast himself
and mult*tude of forms surp*sses myself
i kneel before isis, i – her god and slave
coiled serpent lifts up his head and looks in my eyes
third power and third eye create the one

i am who i am not
i negate and confirm
i transgress – it is real!

wheels of change turn with my breath
i touch the red – hot firmament (of golden darkenings of heavens)
and stars are falling down onto every side of world
with my tongue i penetrate scarlet abysses of kteis
overflowing my body with thrill and heart with warmth
suddenly i’m shooting forth venom
’cause i, i became a snake who rounds her flesh
here and now, here and now

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