celeste lyrics – erase the days

is this tearing you apart because i can’t even breathe
we’ll take the stage and wipe away these tears
living each day like its your last
dying all the time because we may never have another chance
the gallows are my home and tonight the floor will drop
misery awaits you beyond that white-pickett fence
every lullaby is a suicide note to us now
tradgedy invokes emotion… or whatever you said
pushing forwards but slipping much faster then before
i tried to stop time but i was too late
the second hand will catch us now
just like all the tragic stories you used to read
i’ve never found my way out of here
i’m sorry that these words are so empty
just remeber not to close your eyes
pushing all those dreams away
now, to remenisce on the past
there is no sun, for it has set fire to itself
we have had enough.
its time for us to evanesce my love
for these are the reddest shades of autumn

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