ceelo lyrics – future

[hook: future]
i’ll shoot a n*gg* for some ceelo
i’ll put your wifey in a trio
and i can’t lie, it stoked my ego
and they done got me back in beast mode
i got some shooters and they ain’t single
i’m out the country in my t-coat
and these b*tches don’t speak no englo
all they wanna know is the lingo

[verse 1: future]
in the matrix all like i’m neo
i make movies like al pacino
i can wrap a girl like burritos
i go h*lla hard for them c-notes
they ain’t never seen what we did, n*gg*
you can’t get fingerprints off these triggers
i’m a guapaholic, i’m money-drunk
death-defying, i’m livin’ like avatar
i done went to another planet
see my pockets they on gigantic
i take off like a rocket in paris
i f*ck b*tches that don’t mind sharin’

[hook: future]

[verse 2: wale]
they say wale dope
they gon’ say what they say, never to my face, no
and i’m runnin’ out of sp*ce to put all of my favorite
took a n*gg*’s favorite shoes – took a n*gg*’s favorite
i call the folk that made ‘em, foreign
these ladies trippin’…
‘cause i buck a lot but i don’t be datin’ none of ‘em
and i roll with n*gg*s, go-to n*gg*s, know they ain’t
as friendly
and all my pieces wide receivers they all eatin’
wale, though…
and i make your ladies do my say-so
i’m just a n*gg* on the grind tryna make moves
shine like a g, though
rhyme bully, my mob goodie, shout-out to ceelo

[hook: future]

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