catch a bad one lyrics – boss

ak 47, mossberg – buck buck from the glock!
any motherf*cker that step up f*ck around and catch a bad one;
bo$$ is in the house! slaughterhouse, do this sh*t!
prepare your motherf*ckin selves, cause the sh*t is comin!
it’s a motherf*ckin, storm! so bo$$, and dee, f*ck that sh*t!

i got you motherf*ckers scared, in the midst of a dead heat
back the f*ck up, or get played like monopoly
bo$$ was the sh*t from the getty-up, yeah huh
the dee was the sh*t, the minute my father straight bust his nut
he created a mad b*tch, and now it’s for the n*gg* to pitch a b*tch
cause i was known to be that misfit
or the black sheep, of the family
sent to reform school, since my parents couldn’t handle me
i did nothin but.. dirt
while all of my homies played worse
i was h*ttin n*gg*z, where it hurts
in the back of they dome, i had a nickel-plated chrome aimin
i didn’t have no home trainin
but back to the drawing board
back in ninety-three, when i was released out the mental ward
for playin games with helter skelter
that’s how his *ss got, done – he caught a bad one


the only sh*t i ever had a lot of in my life was some bank moves
i needed loot so i said f*ck it, and started pullin gank moves
i ain’t the type you wanna trust or turn your back towards
so never slip you stupid b*tch (or i’m gettin yours)
schemin with my chrome, boy
the bo$$ got an ak, aimin like a temp at your dome boy
so f*ck a homeboy, we was never down fool
{we blazed blunts!} but that don’t mean we f*ckin cool
see i was taught at an early age it pays to get a gauge
in the streets, they try to play a n*gg* weak
i’m buckin ’em down with two shots
and f*ck your road dawgs, got enough bullets for the whole block
and now the city b*tch is pretty p*ssed, rollin in my lincoln
leavin blood scattered when i’m creepin (when i’m creepin)
now everybody’s scared – i fill ’em full of lead
bullet wounds to head once i buck ’em dead


two to the head, that’s exactly what you get
whenever you f*ckin with a lunatic
i’m out to be gettin deep down in your sh*t
see my sisters are easily tempered
therefore i don’t be givin a f*ck
anything that moves i’m buckin ’em down

you better duck duck down from the bullet
real g’s fingers on the trigger, and still afraid to pull it
look around, b*tches on a underground level
listen to my cut as the buckshot settle

and the blow to the dome buck buck was the sound of my nine
ringin out, then i draw them in the slaughterhouse
to get slaughtered, blow ’em out the water
real quick in a hurry, cause n*gg*z be actin scurry

in my hood, wish you would, pull some punk sh*t
b*tches up to no good, n*gg*z better duck quick
run up if they come, gettin paid by the gun
you slept around, you f*cked around – you caught a bad one


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