cash rulez lyrics – cassie

four n*gg*s in here)
(c*ssidy n*gg*)
c*ssidy, e.v.e. n’ bone thugs(x4)
to get the cash i get the mask,
my trigga finger itch so im quick to blast,
im quick to spaz,
ill strip ur *ss,
ill be able than clip ur *ss,
n*gg* this bone and mr.c*ss,
n*gg*s on my d*ck like you ripped it c*ss,
n*gg*s never heard me spit this fast,
yall n*gg*s on the strip if u hit the gl*ss,
yo switch it c*ss,
i can change the flow yo,
you the type cat to give my name to popo,
you a rat,
you a lame wit no dough,
push ur wig back when i bang the fo fo,
i rip it and blast for it,
n*gg* you can get it if u ask for it,
i can spit it and fast forward,
(or i can go it slower),
chop and screw it,
had the whole mid-west rockin to it,
had the whole down-side snappin to it,
get the whole east-coast back in to it,
im the cat to do it,
whole west-coast gonn’ bang to this,
i do this for my n*gg*s that came to pitch,
they should’ve never let me get the hang of this,
now my spit game so dangerous,
im amazing homez,
i raise the chrome,
put the lazer on and blaze the chrome,
got it?
never f*ck with layzie bone,
cant forget wish n’ krayzie bone,
and best believe that if you f*ck with eve im gonna kill ya,
i rep to the death,
f to the s man it dont get no realer…

imma tell you like a n*gg* told me,
imma tell you like a n*gg* told me,
imma tell you like a n*gg* told me,
cash rulez everything around me…

krayzie bone:
n*gg* betta listen to the boy,
run up on a n*gg* you die,

believe me i aint scared to put it on ya,

n*gg* make money,
get money,
big money,
cuz wen a motherf*cker broke,
aint sh*t funny,
you can believe,
cash rule everything around me,
so dont bring ur broke *ss around me,
n*gg* wigga,
for the scrilla,
dolla billa,
hit a n*gg* wit a drama imma be goin inside your pocket,
for the prophets,
so drop it,
n*gg* dis c*ss n’ bone,
love us some has and p*ss the chrome,
a n*gg* wit a missunderstanding gonn get handled,
and dats for sure…

wish bone:
n*gg* shut it down,
we dont f*ck around,
if a n*gg* who should thank make him lay it down,
you should get it in da streets,
now raised up,
n*gg* lay face down,
n*gg* gimme dat sh*t,
wat im suppose to do,
wen a n*gg* ride through wit dis money i want it,
wat im tryin to say i’ve been doin this stuff,
den fakers dun want it,
head hard,
drop your body guards,
you dont want wats over here,
n*gg* better watch your bro cuz she’ll tell it all,
n we bring it over here,
n*gg* dis bone n’ c*ss,
who could f*ck wit dat?
if a n*gg* broke down aint n*body gonn rap,
we know dat,

for example hush,
dats our way…


layzie bone:
betta gimme my money man,
i aint runnin game,
me n lil c*ss like weve been da same,
we want it,
we need it,
you better believe it,
n if you aint got it we gunnin man,
i aint askin twice i aint never been dat nice,
no n*gg*s been killed for a game of dice,
you come show on da dead it any famous price,
stayed at home wouldve save ur life,
but you chose to gamble,
n*gg* like that get made example,
imma tell you like a biggie sample,
come show on da dough,
get your cast flight cancelled,
imma buy it first with clean ammo,
dis full service click,
hard to handle,
n*gg* run up better get dismandled,
get ’em blue tipped 2k change the channel…

i was born to be a rich b*tch,
cant ever block me from dis home n*gg* is d*ckless,
can u see me or mess head to toe,
you wanna wet dis,
who can stop me,
pop on a jet,
headed to paris one more hour jus to cop me a dress,
you call it crazy,
well i call it life,
n im makin sure im all good,
n*gg* its hard to be rich f*ck no,
i remember that bein in da hood,
n im never goin back f*ck that,
got too much life i want and need,
n you haters,
we love it n baby, c*ssidy, bone, n’ eve yea…

(chorus x2

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