carnal comprehension lyrics – conception

afraid to stop and
catch your breath?
you know i’m right behind you
i guess; some time
you’ll have to rest
and i’ll be there
to push you through
i’m the burden you bare
on your shoulder
the voice in your head;
it’s time to surrender

comprehend; i see your eyes
while you’re changing, rearranging
make believe, islands apart
i’m still there for you
i swear it.

i seek the wounded prey in you
ways to convey your anger
in mother’s womb i am sublime
in what we share
i’m a wave in the sand

tracing borders, i’m
god in your hands
it’s time you remember

comprehend; i am the sky
wipe away the silver lining
make believe
down never comes
i’m still there for you

i know the will it takes
to cross the bridge
from here to never
i’ve seen a thousand
pictures of a dream
i hardly could find
forever i will keep the memories
for only you to open
before you lose your mind
l*st before you lose
before you lose your mind
it’s easy to get lost
in this mad, mad world

if i’m hard to find
stop the world before
you’re falling off
try a second time
all i ever knew
i’d tell you to

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