captain crunch lyrics – gwar

everybody needs somebody to abuse. every
body needs alotta stuff to eat. every
fun? (mortal sc*m) rest *ssured it’s not
body gonna be a body one day–having
reels–you fall to the ground. will heaven
protect it? (no) a strange new world
for long. when you least expect your world
that you found. and now, bodies waken–
a-bakin’. your world teeters on the
brink of madness… we shall… kick

soul a-quakin’, you see your jellied corpse
you enter the s*x-plague–you cannot
that b*tch over with gladness–
bleeeeeeds… when you’re all dead,
disciples of sinbreed–and you await death–your *n*s…
we’ll still be here. having b*tt s*x–
cause i’m so queeeeeeeeer…!

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