can’t stop us lyrics – casualties

this is for the touring bands living on the road
the ones that tavel non-stop from coast to coast
for the ones who do 90 shows in 90 f*cking days
then they go back and do it all again

across the states
around the world
we’ll play it loud
you can’t stop us!

this is for the bands that take a chance
leaving their loved ones and dead jobs behind
for the f*cking van that always breaks
spending money fixing it more than taking care of my health

this is for the ones that break away
losing monet over and over again
for the ones that take so much sh*t
from people who never leave their home state

for our friends in nyc
all the bands that we meet in the streets

this is for friends that still try hard
the many touring punk and skinhead bands
life on the road can be so f*cking hard

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