calling from the past lyrics – mastiphal

i’m flying up through eternity on
wings of night, my heart is burning
and past is screaming
the moon is lightening spearhead
of my power pagan fire surrounds
my soul, flowing through the mist,
i reveal primal times
i hear my brothers distant shout,
i can hear dull sound of war
i saw my fathers tears, pain, so now
i have my aim nostalgia suckles me.
it’s time to fight, my enemies will die.
truth will shine for ever and
hypocrisies servants will fall down
i’m hunting with a pack as my brother wolf,
their fear and pain are my appeas*m*nt
causing fear got i blind, black night
surrounds my thoughts born from
the truth, i’m flying, rising so high…
so near, silver and grey mists
are above my conscience fever, which burns
my soul is also killing my consciousness

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