c.b.a lyrics – demolition

somethimes there’s a feeling
i don’t know where it comes from
maybe that i’m dreaming but no one wakes me up
there are so many questions
they’re burning in my head
i wanna know the reason why i’m feeling so bad

maybe it’s the weather
or just my horoscope, man
i can’t find the reason my blood is running slow
maybe there’s a master
is watching you and me
i think that we are nothing but puppets on a string

no, this can’t be all
i know there must be more
searchin for the way
no, this can’t be all

people are walking
like cyborgs on the streets; and
you have to work as long as your heart beat
inside i’m cold and empty
no power in my veins
i try to move my limbs but n*body breaks my chains

no, this can’t …

no, this can’t …

wake up in the morning
and have a look around; no
we won’t hear the warning
the land lays on the ground
i’m feeling like a stranger
in my mouth a bad taste
we don’t stop our greed till everything is waste

no, this can’t … 3x


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