buy lyrics (ft. tom foolery, 2 chainz, pusha t & fast life) – bangladesh

and i move it and keep you straight
if it wasn’t sellin’ weight, i break that whole b*tch down an eighth
if it’s really that imported sh*t, you purchase up the state
if i drop it, it don’t take that b*tch the next time we gon’

[verse 1: 2 chainz]
2 chainz, i tell ’em hurry up and buy
n*gg* try to rob me, he gon’ hurry up and die
i buy a chopper every year, like it’s a summer line
i spend a quarter on my dime
when we leave the mall the car turn to optimus prime
and i’m buying irons for her little dog
but she hop on the d*ck like a bullfrog
and i move this sh*t like a u-haul
got a room full of hard, no rupaul


[verse 2: fast life]
007 missions, i’m a street marine
my chopper from the navy, all my drugs be ocean clean
i call the molly salt, bath salt machine
i drove up in from colorado with that powder spring
orange county, flip pounds from spartanburg
and we from country n*gg*, we move slow from sippin syrup
first i sip and surf, then i sip and swerve
take a n*gg* face off if he interrupt my pitching curve
all i think is money, i spend more cash than your family earn
my money make money so beef is what my shooters earn


[verse 3: pusha t]
one brick, two brick, three bricks, four
80k to play every time i go to score
he gotta charge me extra if he bring it to my door
i’m in my house slippers, here take that 40 more
i recompress it, powder stretches
double jeopardy, alex trebek it
turn one to two, from two to coups
spend a day in dior to f*ck a betty boop
razors at my fingertips, on my freddie krueg’
ain’t no safeties on the choppas we gon’ let ’em loose


[verse 4: tom foolery]
i don’t sell dope, but i move keys
and you can get the whole piano for 300 gs
straight drop, you know i’m talkin’ 808
whip it in a pyrex jar, move production out of state
the federalis lookin’ ’cause the whip cost me a half a mil’
and they p*ssy, i’mma send that *ss a m*ssive yield
the roof b*tterfly, i push the b*tton it caterpillar
i say i worked with eminem, they think i’m p*ssin’ pills
look, a hundred geeks, keep the dope on the hard drive
cut the cheque, split up the money like apartheid

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