burned to death lyrics – red descending

alone in her room she is hiding from the pain overcome
with grief and peril
a cold wind blows through the gaps in the floor but her
icy hands feel nothing
crying in the comer and screaming for escape but no one
comes near
now she receives a life of poverty an outcast she’s

and so on the day when the devil danced on her grave
she now wished that instead they had just taken her

her lips dry and cracked there is no looking back to
see her family rotting
house burning down with panic all around its time to
feel the hatred
distant cries from burning goodbyes shout “no! no! no!”
the smell in the air breathes nothing but despair how
can life continue now?

and now to see all that spells the word agony
must be h*ll or a dream to bring this much misery

daylight strikes will dominate until her last breath’s
the night will come, shadows will run until first light
and some will help but some will watch then turn away
in terror
ready or not the pain will come and turn the skies to

we fear, we fear
you hear us?
hear us calling?
why not?
why aren’t you coming?

fear us? fear our calling?
reach out! to help our suffering
last chance to save us!
see us fall don’t help our calling

burned to death
you couldn’t wait to see it
slaughter instead
your flag descending

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