broken hourglass lyrics – dead by tomorrow

i hear the sounds of past slowly fading away, my eyes are
searching for a brand new way. can we turn back time and
change the here and now? the future has no ears it will
never stop for your request, the choice is yours our fate
is not carved in stone. but the stone is in our hands so
grab a f*cking pencil, grab a godd*mn pencil and write it
down! grab a godd*mn pencil and write it down! but it’s
so hard to write with broken hand my volition will be the
medicine. let’s open your ears now and listen, your heart
and your mind are not the same. now i’m looking in the
mirror and trying to stop the claws of change but who can
turn the desert, the desert into ocean? and who can
guarantee that i will not drown in the sea of a hopeless

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