brofest lyrics – mercy screams

were going out tonight with no regrets
this is our brofest were with the bros tonight the girls
will stay at home im in the bro zone oh i dont think i
want this night to ever end things will get real crazy
when were with all our friends whats the plan for
tonight skatin bowmans at 11 bowling strikes afterwards
oh snap got a 7 this is our unitied brofest its time to
rage the night away until the sun comes up all
that matters is that im with all my bros doesnt matter
cause were just going with the flow im getting hungry
its time for some p-cakes grab the bros and roll over
to steak n shake oh were going crazy tonight xbox
gonna start it off right killzone i got the wireless gun
we all will pone these nubz into dust were going out
tonight the girls will stay at home im with my bros
tonight im in the brozone this is our united brofest!

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