breastfed with mendacity lyrics – natrium

art of manipulation
refined through generations
forced you to believe that
“war is peace freedom is slavery
ignorance is strenght”

your saviour has been painted as your enemy
the truth has been shattered once again
unbearable hate consume the consciences
nurturing the newborns
sons of obliviousness
breastfed with mendacity

negating history idolating criminals
condemning those
who try to awake your awareness

resignation guide your vain march
while you try to imagine the future
looking through the eyes of the kids
shreds of recollections
of the previous way of life crowd your mind
but the evil that you perceive
in their eyes without memory
without history without freedom
erase your last glimmers of hope
dehumanized souls breastfed with mendacity

fragments of lies collapse on you
sharp splinters cut synaptic connections
short circuiting
the weak network of your thoughts
lobotomized servants drifting in the time

[solo a. locci]

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