break dancin feat young thug lyrics – gucci mane

[featuring: young thug]

[intro: gucci mane]
i woke up a legend
i went to sleep a legend
i just signed legend

[hook: gucci mane]
break dancin, break dancin, break dancin
break dancin, break dancin, break dancin
put the nine piece off a brick and make it break dance
chopper got you spinnin’ on your head like you break dancin’
pistol in the club will be i don’t wanna break that,
let’s mack-11 i’m a make a n*gg* screw, like you shake that

[verse 1: gucci mane]
my favorite weapon mack-eleven, black and red pantent leather
was so broke in 97, pray a brick would come from heaven crib
n*gg* used to laugh when i walk from both the christian
’cause who’s laughing last i just pull up in the 9-11
money don’t make me clothes don’t make me still a lot of people ain’t heard of me,
they use just know me locally, now they know me globally
atlanta over local apartment, just came back from overseas
if i can do it, you can do it,
you started with more of me,
mama can’t really do much for me,
so broke used to eat lunch for free
best of so many people, that my brother won’t even blind to me
lord i hope that he forgive but f*ck that n*gg* that’s history,
yeah for n*gg* i stole your bomb
hope that is your mystery
and if is all about the time, you’re my type this cost 80 gs,
get a lick for 80 p, budget on your…


[verse 2: young thug]
1017 f*ck them bands, we go underbase,
got a rife with my dog like a hunter be
red bottom and despite, i’m a punter
she wanna suck all of these sneakers she got hunger,
f*ck the horses on my motherf*cking tires
[?] put that on a
everybody with me ink, we got fiber
in the kitchen rapping rapping like a cypher,
told you one too many time we got dime, it’s my prime time
round we king slime, that’s my slime, [?] we go behind
we gonna drop a dime on that line,
he’s a busta line rhymes, never commit a crime or did no time


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