born from men’s dreams lyrics – mystifier

from hallucinations, thou hath been born.
bright like a falling star.
born from men’s rib or from men’s dream.
come out second universe’s being.

you don’t have my consent to taste my feast.
i will resist.
born from men’s dreams.
as a serpent twisting in delight.
be enchanted with my tricks.
you won’t resist.
born from men’s dreams.

man’s dream daughter seduces me and refuses me.
i am just one more character in thy game.
i don’t know if i am living a nightmare or just a dream.
come ahead untamable being.

o mother witch.
every night on pagan rites.
thou hath been a delight for my eyes.

o mother l*st who gave birth to my desires.
thou hath put my s*m*n burning as fire.

if tears are her favorite weapon.
in tears i abdicate my wisdom.

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