boondocks lyrics – little big town

i feel no shame
i’m proud of where i came from
i was born and raised in the boondocks

one thing i know
no matter where i go
i keep my heart and soul
in the boondocks

i can feel that
muddy water runnin’ through my veins
i can hear that
lullaby of the midnight train
and it sings to me and sounds familiar


i can taste that honeysuckle
and it’s still so sweet
when it grows wild
on the banks down at old camp creek
and it calls to me like a warm wind blowin’


it’s where i learned about livin’
its where i learned about love
its where i learned about working hard,
and having a little was just enough
it’s where i learned about jesus
and knowin’ where i stand
you can take it or leave it
this is me
this is who i am
give me a tin roof, a front porch, and a gravel road
and thats home to me, feels like home to me


you get a line i’ll get a pole
we’ll go fishin’ in the crawfish hole
five card poker on sat*rday night
church on sunday morning

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