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(feat. violent j)”detroit listeners out there, you better be sure to stop by the galaxy club where theres a freestyle superfly fresh contest going on tonight. if you got the skills you better get your hiphop *ss on down here, cause we got dj clueless on the wheels of steel” (the f*ck… f*cks… trying to freestyle… oh, i’ll be down there. yeah, i got something for all these m*th*f*ckas down there. yeah.)


mortification is my next demonstration i’d ask you for a light pumping gas at the station heres my situation: i hate many people so i hear no evil say no evil just like kanieval leave you headless, bl**dy mess like you was ridin a ducati ladey dahdey broke every bone in your body, i’m not sorry i’ll probably murder you, voices tellin me do what he say “kill the dj! f*ck what he play! mayday mayday!” boom boom, blood’s all over the room i f*cked your b*tch like a witch with the broom dooms-day, murderers say, “all y’all must pay when the buck shots spray!” who wants to challenge me? grab the mic and bust your rap but then i’m a just go grab my strap and just commence to bustin caps leaving bodies piled up in freestyle clubs. f*ck! you better make room! boom like what! what? yall make room when we show up boom boom boom what what? yall make room when we show up boom boom boom killers run up in this b*tch, start bustin off shots hitting mirror b*lls, lazer lights, and people on the top i’m lookin for the dj ’cause he dont see it my way i’m ’bout to blow him out his headphones and spin some abk i’m like a molitove c*cktail breaking on your wall i’m setting sh*t off, i’ll blow your lid off, your

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