blue bloods lyrics – cueball

ruthlessness and greed have definitely priority
for the advantage of a commanding, oppressing minority!

they’re not concerned if children and women are raped and killed
none of them sees friends dying, in their hands the guns.
for them people starve, in dead, bony bodies flew red blood.
red blood of guiltiness on the exploiting hands of the responsible ones.

hey, you „innocent“ one, your turn in this „master&slave-game“
the murders of animals for consumption, it is the same.

these defenceless creatures, these forgotten souls,
perished, tortured in m*sses and for some d*ckhead’s fun shot
exterminated, killed for luxury, absolutely misunderstood,
cages and slaughterhouses are covered with red blood.

so no chance to deny your responsibility,
your guilt is much more complex, than it seems…

your so f*cking stupid pride of a nation, you were born into
– a nation of blind puppets, you’d kill and die for!
why aren’t you able to respect other’s dignity
instead ignorance support m*ss murders, your narrowness is also f*cking poor!

f*ck, it’s not that hard to see though you’re taught to ignore
and accept these hierarchies and injustice, yeah man, but be sure:

selfish they take power and the right to judge
of every living being, but they’re nothing more
than inhuman hypocrites and if they will be shot,
just their warm, red blood will cover the office floor.

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