bloodstained dreams of the dragon lyrics – crimson moon

upon the wings of the dragon
i travel the serpentine path
into the nocturnal forest
i enter the shadows of my dreams
over my shoulder watching
a bloodstained freezing stare
eyes of crimson watchful
eyes forever in my dreams.

into the night, my astral demon ascends
through her visions,
in bloodstained dreams
i watch the lunar glow
eclipse to a crimson sphere

somniumeus nos draconis
somniumeus nos sanguinolentus draco – inluminare!
(dreams of the dragon sp*wn –
dreams of the bloodstained dragon –
enlightened me!)

i rise unto the dreams of the bloodstained dragon

awakened to a fathomless state,
deep within my mind yet high as mountains reach.
upon a universe of a dimension endlessly;
a shadowed kingdom that casts on the light of the day;
a kingdom from which i heir in the nocturne embrace;
a kingdom that the dragon roams.

in bloodstained dreams of the dragon
red as the blood in lucifer’s veins
i enter the gate of the master
for the path i have trodden many fold
webbed throughout the cosmos
like cobwebs of cemetery.
like shadows in the nocturnal forest
i find my soul wandering
behind me she is watching
her red eyes pierce the dark
in my bloodstained dreams
where shadows sp*wn.

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