blood & valour lyrics – bestial warlust

[lyrics by: skullf*cker & bloodstorm]

out for war, death i implore
out for kill, the blood will spill
out for sin, this fight i’ll win
out for h*ll, eternity i will dwell

relentless, we’ll hunt you down
chaos, destroying all grounds
bloodshed, to the f*ckin core
dominate, our victory unfolds

blood and valor
blood and valor

unstoppable, we’ll crush your vows
invincible, we’re the gods now
bludgeoned, fools lie dead
h*ll awakened, your funeral now calls

for as long as the wind blows
it will howl my hate
fists full of blood
painful death your f*cking fate

h*llborn, delivering my wrath
my love is l*st, but my pleasure is death
until my hands, drip your blood
i shall kill, and kill forevermore

blood and valor
blood and f*cking valor!

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