blocking brainwaves lyrics – ghost of the robot

do you want to be happy?
do you want to have fun?
take on buried treasure
i could be the one

hear me out .here … hear me out
i can’t describe
just can’t subscribe
i’m telling vision’s
glad to be alive

you say i can’t relate to you
some things i need to prove
can’t find the right words to use
brainwaves won’t p*ss through

when i wake up from seizures
on an island full of slaves
all i see is smiles
from the lack of brainwaves
there’s no thinking
so i check in my mind at the door
nothing to contemplate
i won’t need it anymore

ignorance, it must be bliss
never dealing with things like this
thinking happy comes from a kiss
regret all the things you’ve missed

thinking happy comes from a kiss

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