blink theory lyrics – dividing the masses

i’ve watched as my world slowly changes around me
and i can’t seem to grasp that this is all out of my
whether it be the constant desire to fill an empty void,
or hating my friends for living their own lives
i need to just accept that this is what it’s like to lose
my youth
things will never be the way that they used to be

i have to find some sort of faith to overshadow my
faith in myself to know that this is the life i chose,
no matter what it takes from me
i know i’m only human, but what more could i be?
all i want to know is how it feels to truly overcome
spending my whole life with one eye pointed to the past
has done nothing but hold me back
it’s time to let go of everything that i’ve kept inside

i’ll show this world my heart, forever unbroken

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