blind lyrics – butt trumpet

something has gone wrong
we’re losing all our rights
everyone is blind
everything has changed
moving every day
towards a police state
secret government
will take it all away
is your only source
burying thee truth
keeping us apart
secret society
what can we do?
what can we do? have we all lost?
is it too late?
what can we do?
what have we done!
i often wonder why
n*body can tell
just what the h*ll
is going on
everything you’re told
your entire life
every single thing
is a f*cking lie
look around you
things are not the same
we’re letting them win
who’s the one to blame?
jason society
what will you do?
what will you do?
when it’s all gone
you will be in chains
when it’s all gone
you will be their slave
something has gone wrong
our minds are numb
we’re lobotomized
>from mind control
but what of us
is it not our fault?
we let them rule
we became the flock
nineteen people
are in command
you think you know
just where it started?
they’ve got the b*lls
of uncle sam
what did we do?
what did we do?
it’s all gone
we are all their slaves
we are f*cking blind
we are all in chains
eric wincentsen
glendale community college
glendale, arizona
“we want the airwaves!”

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