bleeding mascara lyrics – erase the days

the stars aren’t bright enough to swallow the glow of you’re eyes.
i’d give you the night sky with all the stars perfectly aligned.
i laced up my shoes, and prepared for the walk, down the street of everything we’ve lost
bloodstains on the gl*ss prevent me to see, the bleeding mascara that your crying for me
will you be there to catch me? because i think that i’m falling deeply inlove with you..
so leave us here so we can cut our throats. in the wake of the love that used to feel so real
and these letters are still written in the sky. my last goodbye.
i’ll place the stars back in you’re eyes…
you think you know how i feel.
but you don’t know, how i feel.
but i would really hate to miss this one last kiss i’ll place upon your candy lips.
your so perfect.
and i am so perfectly inlove with you.

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