blasphemy and defilement lyrics – mantak

karnage! torn the hypocrites bible,
molest! desecrate the h*rny nun!
beheaded the pig’s head monk!
exterminate christianity!!

i am the antichrist!
repudiate the b*st*rd religions
nasrani malodorous pigs
with pleasure i’ll kill them all!!

satan! molestation the nun!
sodomize the pukimak priest!
impurity notorious beast
irresistible h*llfernal evil!!!

profane! profanation wicked!
disobey the gods rules!
blasphemy! i’m the blasphemer!
ferociously decapitated kristians!!

flagellation godmother of christ!
demonic satanic perversity
666! the number of the beast!
buried them under the goat sh*t!!

repeat chorus

kill them!! slay them!!
rape them!! spit at them !!

take your gun and shoot them all
no mercy!! just kill them all!
bloodshed everyway!!
never stop this s*d*stic madness!!!

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