blackest night lyrics – destructor

waiting alone, fire invades the earth
ripping through every piece of land
surrounded by fallout, the earth is dying
with no chance to survive

no shelter from radiation, no place to hide

the greed for power sent
screaming iron in the air
none of these b*st*rds even cared

no shelter from radiation, no place to hide
you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die, yeah
in the blackest night

fight for your life, your time is running short
kill to save yourself, or they’ll stab you in the back
torture you, lie in pain, your life will start to drain
your body, on the ground, twisted bl**dy remains

[repeat 1st verse]

[repeat chorus]

5. master of the universe

[hawkwind cover]

i am the center of this universe
the wind of time is blowing through me
and it’s all moving relative to me,
it’s all a figment of my mind
in a world that i’ve designed
i’m charged with cosmic energy
has the world gone mad or is it me?
i am the creator of this universe
and all that it was meant to be
so that we might learn to see
this foolishness that lives in us
and stupidity that we must suss
how to banish from our minds
if you call this living i must be blind.

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