blackbird lyrics – jon lajoie

are we recording?
i wrote this song last night, and i’m not sure about
some of the lyrics, but i’ll give it a shot.

john’s new girlfriend is a c*nt
i don’t know what he sees in that b*tch
she’ll ruin our lives
this bands gonna break up if that wh*r* does not die

john’s got to stop taking lsd
it’s making him think she’s a 10, really she’s a 3.
what the f*ck?
looks like her face got ran over by a truck

dump that b*tch
dump that b*tch
and stop being a motherf*cking d*ck

ringo won’t shut the f*ck up
and george keeps writing stupid f*cking songs
that’s my job
i’m the musical genius, they can all just suck my nuts

suck my nuts
suck my nuts
and while you’re down there, suck my c*ck

f*ck this sh*t, i’ve got a plan
linda and i will start our own band
and call it metallica
metallica, yeah, that is a good name for a band

i’ll have to run that name by linda

our new band metallica is going to be super sick
if linda ever dies, i’ll marry a one-legged b*tch
and then divorce her six years later
’cause she was such a f*cking b*tch

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