bever fever lyrics – janez detd

this song’s about beaver and not the kind
that hides in woods allthough there’s a link
it’s not that i’m neurotic, maybe just a bit obsessed
by these hairy fluffy suckers
so be prepared cause i’m coming te get yours soon!
i wanna taste your juice!
very soon, i’d like to taste your juice!
if you save your c*mfy fuzzy spot for me…
you’re gonna make my day…
they come in different sizes, different hairdos, different smells,
i sure hope yours doesn’t stink!
so get prepared cause i’m coming to get yours soon!
i wanna taste you juice!
i’m the man now, so what ya gonna do…
strike! now i gotta score soon…
before i turn into a s*xually frustraded goon like you!

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