better days lyrics (feat. gudda gudda) – tyga

better days, better days
rollin wit my “yeah so?” hat to the back
oh, you aint heard round town?
young n*gg*s strapped
well mike,
if you lose your life
theres no coming back
ive seen lots of lies
fake smiles behind my back
but check yo
check d check
bruise blues and black
never trust a loud mouth

mama taught me that
dont live the lifestyle
son, if you cant pay for that
but sh*t you gotta spend the money
to get money back
and hurry till they cash you
pictures snap
sirens flash
f*ck an officer with a badge
lets see your license motherf*cka
that i dont have
not even half of these n*gg*s
have had half of what i had
but i still wish that…

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