beside you lyrics – kris kruger

there is so much time left to dream
and so much time to make it real
i know you asked
and now i’m here at last.
it’s what you wanted to want.
it’s where you wanted to go.
it’s who you wanted to be.
and please don’t forget me
you and me and our past
and as you look ahead
be sure to look back
but don’t say that you
can’t see
can’t see me.
i’m here i’m here
with you
don’t walk away.
don’t leave me here
it is with you that i go.
look both ways and you’ll
see you’ll see
that in you there is me.
and when you reach
you reach but there’s nothing there
i’m here. i’ll reach
too. together we’ll
get there.
together you and i
together. if you
see me you know i’m
there. if you’ll be
me, you’ll know what
face i’ll wear.
and when you fall,
i’ll catch you.
as you walk the hall,
listen to my footsteps right
besides yours.
i’m there.
i’m there with you.
right beside you
right beside you
always beside you

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