beneath the surface lyrics – devastation

acts of vengeance
cause of violence
suicide and pain
the termination of thousands strapped to their chest
warriors of terror – society’s pestilence
attacking the innocent – for the mortal cause
as governments crumble into the blood stained streets
ripping ears apart
fragments of once was a man
blood begins to boil as the air burns the lungs
screams of torment penetrate the dust
twisted bones are mangled, debris of extinguished life
why are the leaders ignoring their cries

violence, vengeance, people spreading terror at will
death. hatred. agony of what we’re living in
cries. lies, who can you trust now

evil in their lies
living in h*ll
annihilation present as they seek their revenge
innocent are dying – the killing never ends
subjugation of the weak with no lives to spare
existence is dying but do we even care
of mankind
all are dying
man’s killing himself not worrying about the price
of eternal doom we don’t want to die
time has come for us to make our final stand
and stop the corruption of death throughout the land

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