beneath my flesh lyrics – system decay

blood you vomit war and death
the sh*t your words reflect
into the abyss of man’s ignorance
you wove this f*ckin’ net

what’s you’re gonna do now?
will you react?
will you allow your existence naked
exposed to the rapture of the facts

i give you hate. clear loud and straight
and make you realize the sickness you’ve been fed
(in)darkness you have been born
and doomed to walk alone

give’ em stuff for the plot
give another f*ckin’shot

under my skin beneath my flesh
disease reclines of doubt and change
infection runs inside my veins
before my eyes unfolds the end

razors will paint upon your flesh
once again concealed by loneliness
the disease, has been spread
place yourself to the dead
spiritual darkness to set you free
motherf*cker you are trying to erase sanity

solution never found
give another f*ckin’ round

i have no shame and i can’t blame no one but my self
but the end lies within my hands
your days are numbered

place yourself to the dead
the beginning of the end


i got no shame
no one but me to blame
i set the flame
my sanity distrained
i joined the game and now i gain disdain
but still i hold the end
your days are numbered

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