ben moves to california lyrics – broadways

i woke up the other day, walked out the door to suburban skies
skies filled with dreams and b*tterflies
and i wondered to myself, how do i fit in this game?
just a nameless face or a faceless name

then i remembered an old friend of mine
how we’d watch tv all night
tell each other about our dreams
but i don’t see him no more, no

light a cigarette and watch this day go by
burned another 6 minutes to the sky
i need a f*cking answer but i guess that’s why we live this life
a constant search for something right

now my mind is wandering
where am i gonna get f*cked up today?
light a bowl and see it all fade away
happens every day

pulled down by every string, we’re just b*tching
we’re just wasting away, happens every day
sometimes i hate to think, another reason to drink another drink
it always happens that way, happens every day

when we’re broke and life’s so bad, days are long and hard, just give me a cig
wishing out loud that it’s okay, happens every day
when i see you working, will you still be my friend?

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