behold the frigid realm of div lyrics – knights of the abyss

frozen in time beneath the land we walk
in a far distant realm the sins of man are locked
held by the judgment of demons for their evil father to
down the concentric spiral this wretched path does wind
to an abyssal trench where hatred embodies does lie.
the ultimate betrayer and bringer of the plague, banished
to dwell eternally here.

hail the prince of this different world
for he banishes the killers and beasts of this land.
justice will be served to the sins deep withheld
in eternal battle at dark rules demand.

a relentless parasitic cyst; your disease infecting our
mother’s womb.
your life now lacking it’s worth shall be locked in an
eternal tomb.
sinners, you surely must gather and bid your souls
to be banished and enslaved in the torments of h*ll.

face the judgment for which you will die.
a lifetime of sins indelible in time.

forced to dwell in infinite h*ll, thrown to d*mnation for
the desire to kill

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