becoming one lyrics – domination through impurity

we stand in awe before the presence of unadulterated
power. so pure… so intense… the boundaries of my
reality are torn
apart. this is the kind of power that can make a coward
feel like a man. this is the kind of power that makes a
man into a
god we feel as one. we grow as one. the person i see in
the mirror is no longer me. i am abhorrence. i am
cruelty. i am
one as both yet i am nothing until i become complete our
hate is my religion. our wrath is my salvation

i am born again and again into a world of madness and
lunacy. i have become what i once feared and despise what
i once
was. in this new world, we are home. in this new world we
are god. our final third illuminates the path upon which
we must
tread. i must submit. reveal our fate. as one. we mature
as one, we adapt as one, we will prevail. i am divinity.
i am
complete. i have formed an unholy trinity with my cruelty
and hate. my fragile physical form is the only human part
left of
me. this trinity defines the purpose of our existence. we
exist to isolate and erase the mistakes of our past

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