beat by beat lyrics – helltrain

we´ll keep on rocking til the sun goes to moonlight
so d*mn strong we´ll survive a catfight
we´re the devil´s pride, singing his song
with an awesome ride
we´ll keep on f*cking this up til the last fight
downtuned and ugly but so right
no fame, never divine
pure rock n roll with an awesome shine

rocking free forever on
i do believe when you feel, when you see
oh when you´re dreaming
there´s magic in these words
underneath, the battle´s on
climbing high and reaching up to the ceiling
the beat goes on to be heard

so you´re up for a dance in the moonlight
swinging hips, delivering so tight
at the devils side, doing the steps
with an awesome pride
you´ll keep on f*cking this up til the last night
in the end you´ll survive the big fight
no shame, always on time
pure rock n roll delivered with pride

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