banana milk lyrics – sabertooth zombie

danger is sold like
‘do as you’re told. no
pepperoni, no 40’s, no blunts
no banana milk for the dunce’
but i’m in bed with the better bet
and a better partner i’ve never met
sun fills the west with sweat
sin fills the west with s*x
old fools rapture themselves
filling pristine libraries
charting meccas and ancestors
we’ll call them luxuries
of the avoiding cl*ss
you better try to cash in fast
suck the life from my street
suck the hype from the beat
from dunce cap
to death shroud
you’ll see
a human performance
meek’s wild years
were a f*cking blast
he told his mother
he was dressing in drag
(she’ll never understand)
stay out of my pocket
stay out of my temple

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