ballad of marshall ledbetter lyrics – lard

six, six, six, dunkin’ donuts
a twenty inch veggie pizza from gumby’s
extra jalapenos on the side
and a case of asahi dry

i wish to speak with timothy leary
lemmy, jello, and ice cube too
cartoon of lucky’s with filters
and bring a cnn news crew

talah*sse, florida
four am, june 14, ’91
capitol building’s occupied
broke the gl*ss, walked right inside

wouldn’t be advisable to enter
you don’t know the number of hostiles
of it anyone’s got guns
or is there’s hostages

i just want to speak my mind
more for you than just one sound bite

this whole world is disturbing me
i wanna cut a rap record each month
and mail my little pinkie to george bush

agh, agh
where are my friends
where are you
where are you
i can’t believe it’s come to this

sharpshooters on surrounding roofs
traffic blocked off by swat troops
evacuate the people inside
pretend we’re cnn, say leary’s dead

i just want to speak my mind
more for you than just one sound bite

twelve forty five, he emerged unharmed
j.d. in one hand, in the other, cigars
hendrix t-shirt and his underwear on
guess what, he never had no gun

i only broadcast my freakout to the world
i was a prisoner for twenty two years
when i broke through that door, i was free
not to mention pretty d*mn lucky
(nowadays, boy, you’d just get shot)

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