back from the dead lyrics – kid rock

back from the dead second l.p. here we go
comin at ya from the r.o.m.e.o.
pistol packed with a crew’o fly slimmys
hat turned back in some airwalk jimmys
never slackin hoes i be mackin
not wacked i don’t try to act black when
i came up i came at ya from the outskirts
bag of weed in the pocket of my sweatshirt
bone 2 the bone 2 the bad 2 the bad 2 the bone
hit bound from the mo-town allen
f*ck a 40 i drink it by the gallon
i started out in mount clemens as a d.j.
park parties gettin drunk on sunday
tweeked in the heat 2 a beat i’d rock 2 the -and rip sh*t up
an now i’ve toured this nation
pimp of the nation
pullin hoes
rock the set in each city then step
me, blackman and funk daddy def stef
b*tches, they think i’m s*xist
but all i want baby is your grits for breakfast
eggs, bacon, home cooked fries
and gimme a plate of that p*ssy on the side
triple x on the set showin no cl*ss
just a foul mouthed little f*ckin smart *ss
no fool i went 2 high school dumb *ss
smoked dope and i flunked every cl*ss
slash and i smash cuz i thrash when i bash
invite me to a party and your house’ll get trashed
an outcast sick of being har*ssed so i dashed
moved out of the crib cuz i hated cuttin gr*ss
now i reside on the eastside lovin it
cold 40 dog in a brown bag chuggin it
flex, s*x, run of the next
flippin and trippin and rippin and shakin the suckers who wanted 2
front an get around 2 the
2 get up or get down 2 the rhyme
i’m shakin and takin and breakin i rip the mic like
every time f*ck i don’t eat no manwich
kickin back coolin with a cold grits sandwich
somebody said i’m the best in the mo-town
but this town ain’t sh*t but a ghost town
who ever said it they lied they fessed
b*tch i’m the best in the mother f*ckin midwest
wanna be heard when i rap so i yell it
sport a tigers cap like my man tom selleck
one bad b*tch i smoke hash from a stick
got more cash than f*ckin white boy rick
my first lp wasn’t pushed for sh*t
so jive records yo, go and suck a fat d*ck
cuz i’m rippin like a chainsaw
yes i’m that raw laughin’ at ya suckers like hee haw
roll it up, take a hit and then p*ss it
that’s how we do it when we roll down gratiot
in my grand marquis i pimp to the beat
two in the front and two hoes in the back seat

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