babalon a.d. lyrics – cradle of filth

i bled on a pivotal stretch
like a clockwork christ
bears sore stigmata, bored

and as i threw job, i drove
myself to a martyred wretch
to see if i drew pity
or pretty litanies from the lord

so the plot sickened
with the coming of days
ill millennia thickened
with the claret i sprayed
and though they saw red
i left a dirty white stain
a splintered knot in the grain
on eden’s marital aid

so glad for the madness

so glad for the madness

i walked the walks naked to the moon
in sodom and babylon
and through rich wh*r*s and corridors
of the vatican
i led a sordid borgia on

i read the urilia text
so that mortals wormed
as livebait for the dead

and as i broke hope, i chocked
another pope with manna peel
dictating to desade
in the dark entrails of the bastille
and as he wrote, i smote
a royal blow to the heads of france
and in the sheen of guillotines
i saw others, fallen, dance

i was an incurable
necromantic old fool
a phagadaena that crawled
drooling over the past
a rabid wolf in a shawl
a razor’s edge to the rule
that the stars overall
were never destined to last

so glad for the madness

so glad for the madness

i furnaced dreams, a poet, foe of sleep
turning sermons with the smell
of witchfinder fingers
where bad memories lingered
burning, as when dante
was freed to map h*ll

i sired schemes and the means
to catch sight of the seams
and the vagaries inbetween…

and midst the lips and the curls
of this c*nt of a world
in glimpses i would see
a nymph with eyes for me

eyes of fire that set all life aflame
lights that surp*ssed art
in sight, that no intense device of pain
could prise their secrets from my heart

i knew not her name
though her kiss was the same
without a whisper of shame
as either virtue of sin’s
and pressed to her curve
i felt my destiny swere
from d*mnation reserved
to a permanent grin…

so glad for the madness

so glad for the madness

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