awaiting the day lyrics – daniel franklin

when i’m alone my tears fall,
guess i’m not a man after all
sometimes it feels like i’m gonna live alone,
n*body to talk to, n*body to hold
the radio plays i hear a certain song
the music doesn’t matter it’s the words that sing out strong
as i lay by my guitar i gently weep,
will i find true love? someone from my dreams?
i want someone who will understand and love me.
someone close to the heart, to touch and comfort me.
i want someone during the day and share my love in the night.
someone to touch and feel me and hold me tight.
my first true love took me for granted,
and so did the rest, left me broken-hearted
you’ll find somebody, that’s what everyone say
but i’m not so sure if there will be such a day
i want someone who can stir the feelings and emotions in me.
someone who can bring alive – the man in me.
i want someone to wipe away my tears when i cry.
someone to be there at my side
i want someone to share my happiness when i smile.
someone to be with me and love me all the while.
i want someone who will love me as the day’s go by.
she’ll be there for the rest of my life
i want someone who will then love the person, the soul in me.
someone who will love me as i am

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