avernal empire lyrics – thornafire

throughout the times
was known the accenssion of misfortune
prophecies told of it, thousand years ago
and now his commandments have being to come real.

demon’s hand, express his will
through the fleeble mortals
iniquity is the new rule
hate gnaws the mind, like a violent fever
great plague of destruction, venom flowing every earth
death and tribulation have no end
for repent there’s no place
for repent there’s no place.

triumph of decay, rage and falseness
will be the principle of the avernal empire
essence of evil flows in every drop of blood
eternal horror’s possessed of each living being
elder prophetic insurrection
have been breed in this world.

iniquity perpetual rule of this planet
precense of the h*ll fire’s
the devil possessed my world
fire eternal flow in my veins

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