at the graveyard of god lyrics – bestial warlust

come god of light meet my god of darkness
and f*ck in the abyss that is thy grave of mind
oh the impurity of light shall touch the black
and all your gods shall die

drenched in f*ck
bl**dy c*nted wh*r*
your world is d*mned
rot in bloodsoaked mourning

lava awaits below
morality’s funeral pyre
black seas smash your sh*r*s
dead children for the f*cking fire

f*ck everything you place on high
and regard as f*cken holy truth
satanas wrath is victory

[repeat 1st & 2nd verses]

abraxas, satan and god
to worship him is death
a god beyond death

heaven shall spit blood in your faces
and the blood shall flow into the earth
and the earth shall berent asunder
at the graveyard of god.

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